Art Investment

The Smith & Partner Guide to Investing in Art

There’s more to art than adding a touch of decor to your living space; in fact, in recent years investing in art has become one of the most significant investment trends of our time.


What is art investment, and where do I begin?

Rather than purchasing artwork to showcase at home, investors seek to add unique or rare pieces to their existing portfolio, with an eye to gain a return on their investment at an appropriate time.

Should you wish to become an investor, you’d be supported by one of our art investment brokers to guide you through the process of purchasing your desired artwork. Galleries providing the artwork often allow the piece or collection to remain in-house upon the instruction from an investor.

The main benefits of becoming an investor with S&P include:

  • Choosing from our wide collection of exclusive artwork
  • The personal satisfaction of owning a limited-edition art piece
  • The benefit of financial appreciation as artwork increases in value over time
  • On-hand support from one of our investment brokers

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