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The Smith & Partner guide to investing in art

Smith & Partner is an organisation that specialises in making fine art investment, investing in limited edition fine art prints and the art market in general much more approachable to new investors. This is traditionally a market that is very close to ‘outsiders’, making it difficult to
penetrate without developing a wide range of contacts and professional relationships within the art market.

Smith & Partner has both the industry contacts and special individual relationships needed to give our clients real, meaningful access to the fine art market, as well as the professional expertise required to guide them to those artists and limited edition pieces which have the greatest potential for a high ROI.

To take full advantage of our services, you’ll need a solid grounding in at least these three subjects:

Introduction to investing in fine art

The fine art market is a thriving one, and there is a large supply of limited edition art prints produced every year. More importantly, the demand for these prints seems to be growing at a constant, steady rate regardless of local, national or even global economic wobbles. Indeed, there are many experts who consider fine art investment to be a better option than commodities such as gold, even in trying economic times.

Art Investments

Who actually buys fine art and limited edition art prints, and who do they buy from?

Within the art market, the majority of the buyers are high net worth individuals – specific people with the resources to invest in this unique commodity. Next come art dealers, both individual and
corporate, and museums.

The majority of sellers in the art investment market are not individual artists. Auction houses and galleries account for the bulk of the pieces sold as they have the reputations and contact networks among suitable buyers to make the effort economically feasible.

Only a few artists sell a great deal of work personally, and then only the most well-known.

Lastly, there are a host of intermediaries connecting buyers to sellers. These include banks, financial services companies, art consultants, and organizations such as Smith & Partner ourselves.

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