P J Crook


Born in 1945, P. J Crook is based in the West Country.

P. J Crook is, categorically, a painter. However, her ability to integrate the space surrounding her subjects into the images themselves and her stunning decoration of the mounts and frames introduces a three-dimensional quality to her work, which is thus established as neither painting nor sculpture but an entirely unique combination of the two.

The artist predominately paints in acrylic on canvas but she has also mastered the skill of painting on corrugated wood, which further enhances the three-dimensional quality already present in her work. She generally concentrates on larger-scale projects which fuse both past and future and fantasy and reality. The resulting make-believe scenes are inviting and gripping due to their combination of technical excellence and sinister undercurrents.

She exhibits in London and around the world, but particularly in France and America. Many of her works can also be seen internationally in permanent collections.