Paul Greenwood


Born in Bradford in 1969, Paul Greenwood is an entirely self-taught painter. He threw himself into drawing and painting from an early age, primarily on the grounds that it provided a means of escape from his impoverished background. Originally a hobby, painting soon became his passion and his vocation.

Paul Greenwood’s artistic flair was first recognized when, on leaving school at the age of sixteen, he went, armed with a portfolio of paintings and drawings, to be interviewed for a job as a designer. He won the position and, since then, has worked for a number of well-known publishing companies, particularly in the greetings card arena. Always experimenting and always striving for new and innovative looks and themes, he rapidly made his name and was soon employed full time by perhaps the best-known stationery publishing company in the world, Hallmark.

So highly did Hallmark value his skills that the company took the unusual step of launching Paul Greenwood as a brand-name, with an intensive course in Kansas and the publishing of ranges of ‘Paul Greenwood’ cards.

Recently Paul Greenwood has parted company with Hallmark and he now works with a new independent design agency. Bursting with ideas, he is eager to develop and refine his style still further and to explore a less commercial, more personal path in his career as an artist.