Paul Seaton


Paul Seaton was conceived in Australia but born in 1953 in Birmingham. He grew up in Wales and along the south coast of England, following the career of his father, who was in the Royal Navy.

Despite his early fascination with Pre-Raphaelite artwork, and particularly with subjects at the Birmingham Art Gallery like The Blind Girl by Millais, Arthur Hughes’s The Long Engagement and Maddox Brown’s The Last of England, his parents persuaded him not to attend art school and instead he took a degree in Maths at Exeter University.

After completing his degree he enjoyed a part time career in rock music whilst also working as an agent for a property tycoon. He suffered a bout of nervous exhaustion as a result of what he describes as “too much rock’n’roll” and, during his recovery, became interested in Eastern religion and meditation before taking up painting as a rather more adult and spiritually-satisfying career.

Paul Seaton began painting still-lifes as what he describes as “a means to an end – namely, to teach myself to paint”. He studied the Pre-Raphaelites intensively and spent many hours at the Tate Gallery, in particular examining the works of Millais. Much to his delight he found that his work began to sell in West End galleries and he has exhibited regularly at the Royal Academy Summer Show, the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists, the Mall Galleries and others. His work is also exhibited in New York, where he has held two one-man shows, and around the United Kingdom.

Paul Seaton and his wife started their married life in North London, before moving out to the south of England to escape the pressures of city life. He has three children and his hobbies include teaching his two sons to play the guitar and researching his family history and naval history in general.


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