Rosie Sanders


Rosie Sanders was born at the end of the Second World War and grew up in Buckinghamshire. Her childhood was very much focused on the country life; her parents moved to an old farmhouse when she was 13 and this allowed her to keep and ride horses. Her mother was also an extremely enthusiastic gardener and the farmhouse had a fabulous garden, which probably inspired the artist’s early and continuing love of flowers.

Rosie Sanders was educated at Roedean and although none of her family had had any great interest in painting she excelled at art at school and selected botanical painting as one of the subjects for her A-Level art course.

After leaving school, Rosie Sanders began a foundation course at High Wycombe College and then attended the Constance Spry Flower School but, with these exceptions, her painting style is largely self-taught. Artists she names as inspiration include Rory McEwan for his minimal style and his ability to place a small number of objects in such a way as to fill a large canvas, and Georgia O’Keeffe for her large and sensuous portraits of plants.

Describing her own artwork, Rosie Sanders is interested in botanical accuracy but not necessarily in achieving “botanical painting” in the traditional sense. She is more enthused by colour and form, and is steering herself towards more abstraction through the colour and pattern of the flowers themselves. She describes her watercolours as “powerful, sensual paintings of plants with a dialogue and tension between the subjects”.

The work of Rosie Sanders has been exhibited in several prestigious London galleries and also in the United States. She has received five Gold Medals form the Royal Horticultural Society and the Miniature Award from the Royal Academy. She is a Member of the Society of Botanical Artists and her other interests include playing the piano and gardening.

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