How To Buy Art During Lockdown

Smith Partner
06 Nov 2020

When our physical door closes, our digital one opens

Once again, we find ourselves here in the UK in another lockdown. It is a necessary and often stressful time, but it is one that will enable us access to the activities that bring us so much joy. Creative institutions the world over have digitised their shows and stores so that you can see and purchase artwork without squeezing yourself onto a busy Central Line Underground service. 

S&P gallery have closed their doors, but our social media platforms remain open to all. As such, our international following now have greater access to our services, including personalised consultations via Zoom, and exclusive weekly viewing rooms on Artsy. (Read our ‘November Updates’ blog to find out more). 

The Benefits of buying art in Lockdown

It is scientifically proven that creativity can improve our lives greatly, with an extremely positive impact on our mental health and wellbeing. 

There are many ways to ensure that you can make the most of this benefit for both yourself, and by gifting artwork to others. Studies have shown that looking at artwork you admire releases dopamine, aka the chemical messenger of pleasure. Therefore, interior designers recommend adorning your walls with whatever makes you happy, it’s good for you and those closest to your heart. Owning an original artwork is also a sign of achievement, something to be proud. Further still, you’ll have faith in the fact that the art market has consistently outperformed the stock market in times of financial crisis. Thus, your purchase of a limited-edition fine art print will always be worth its weight in gold. 

Buying art during lockdown grants you happiness and well as a step towards a diversified sense of financial security. 

The Wonderful World of WiFi

The digital age we live in allows for us to connect instantly, creating quick and easy access to the artworld. It may not be the same as seeing one our glorious Van Gogh’s in the flesh, but from the comfort of your own home, it’s certainly a treat. 

S&P gallery specialise in limited edition prints, many of which are exclusive to us globally. To own a limited-edition print is to be the owner of an original artwork, something we believe is an incredible achievement. 

Purchasing works from us could not be easier, we are present on a variety of trusted platforms, with many secure payment options available. Below are some links where you can browse our fine collection at the tip of your fingers. 


Featuring the world’s top galleries, auction houses, and museums — all in one place. Browse the collection from our South Kensington gallery where you can bid online, place inquiries and discover the most incredible art. Follow artists. Purchase instantly. Buy art.


Etsy is a global online marketplace where people come together to make, buy, sell and collect unique crafts and fine art. Our Etsy page is constantly being updated with new artwork. Follow us or even recommend to a friend!


Artnet is the art world online. Find artworks for sale, online auctions, top galleries, leading artists, and breaking art market news from around the globe. You are able to search their database, connect with international galleries & browse auctions as a subscriber, putting you in the best position to understand the market and directly compare it to our successful artists.  

The Smith & Partner Web Store 

Our very own web store. Whether you’re ready to buy Limited Edition fine art or ready to Invest in Art, we have the expertise to guide you. Learn how we can help you get returns of up to 64.4% in 12 months on your investment or simply purchase from the finest collection of limited-edition prints London has to offer. 

Personalised Zoom Consultations 

Ok, so many of us do not want to buy a gift without seeing it in real-life, right? The digital-age has not completely taken away our need for high-street stores and the gallery spaces we adore so much. That’s why our dedicated team at our gallery are available to give guided consultations through the gallery space via zoom.

Seen something you admire? Have a particularly-picky sibling to shop for? There is no need to worry this festive season. We may be in lockdown, but that will never stop us from accessing the finest original artworks that S&P gallery have to offer. 

To book your free tailored consultation, send our gallery team an email: 

All of these platforms are free and easy to use, and if you have any questions, our gallery team are always here to help guide you and find you the perfect piece. 

Buying art is both a joy and an investment in itself, and we look forward to providing you access to the wonders of creatives, both old and new.