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02 Oct 2020

Today, the landscape of art investment sees impressive & exciting changes. 

Becoming an investor within the art market is more accessible than ever, with Smith & Partner providing individuals the opportunity to purchase and own their own limited edition artworks and prints. Previously, this space was reserved for ‘high society’ and those with specific knowledge on the market.  Smith & Partner unlocks the potential for any art lovers to own a collection and share in the lucrative art market without jumping the hoops of lord and ladyship.

So, why the art market?

The art market has a rich history of value, dating back as far as the 17th century where auction houses in Stockholm would commission artists to produce one-off paintings to sell at a much higher value than purchased. Recognising both the worth and demand behind the operation, art industries began to skyrocket in value. This value has only ever appreciated over time, meaning many are looking to invest in the art market today; whether it’s for a short-term return, long-term investment for families and their financial future, or purely for the gratification of displaying high-value pieces in their own homes.

But, is now really the right time? 

We know many feel uneasy during this time of economic uncertainty, with many questioning when the best time to invest will be. Although it’s easy to feel disheartened by the ever-changing economic trends, many take comfort in knowing the art market is completely detached from any stock market trends, allowing you to invest with more peace of mind without the fear of an international market crash. Despite the threat of recessions or financial slumps over the course of time, art has always maintained its value and only ever appreciated it in worth due to its bespoke nature. 

So, where do I begin?

We know the intention of investing in the art market is all well and good, but the selection can be overwhelming. That’s where our team of highly skilled brokers come into the mix. Our hands-on agents are available to advise you on the investment that best suits your requirements based on your budget, interests, and needs. We’re here to give you insights into market trends, and the best way to find a return on your investment before you make a decision.



Our goal at  Smith & Partner is to help you take the steps into a secure, worthwhile investment that will benefit your financial future. If you’ve seen something on our website or would like a bespoke consultation on collections coming soon, call us at 0845 3096394 

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