A Guide to Understanding Blue-Chip Art

A Guide to Understanding Blue-Chip Art

The art market is one of the world’s most successful forms of passion investment, with some seeing over 64% returns on their assets. Shrewd investors have examined the historical growth of limited edition artworks and the relative returns blue-chip work can bring, driving many to invest up to 20% of their wealth due to its consistent growth and value.

When looking at investing in artists at different career stages, blue-chip art often tends to be the low-risk option.


What is Blue-Chip?

The words 'blue-chip' are often used in business as a means to describe established and affluent companies, whose value can be identified on a universal scale. Likewise, 'blue-chip art' are pieces that have been created by the most widely recognised and prolific artists in history. These works are authenticated by their high sale value and demand in the market and have produced high returns for many of Smith & Partner's calculated investors.

Blue-Chip Art versus the Stock Market

Those well-versed in the world of purchasing blue-chip art might compare the transaction to that of buying stocks in a company, mainly because there are two similar attributes the two share; assured liquidity and high-quality.

At Smith & Partner, we specialise in limited-edition prints, of which several of our artists are blue-chip. Prolific names including Warhol, Picasso, Monet, and Van Gogh are all part of our collection thanks to our network of relationships with leading galleries and private art collectors. The remainder is classified under a variety of definitions such as 'Old Masters' and 'Emerging Talent', including Tamara De Lempicka and Kevin T Kelly (Who worked under the guise of blue-chip pioneer, Tom Wesselmann). All of our artists have been chosen with investment in mind, to provide our clients with maximum returns.

ArtPrice analytics demonstrate how over the last 18 years, works from artists that command large-scale collector bases and carry the highest price points have seen some fantastic increases in value, outperforming the S&P 500 companies’ stocks dramatically by an admirable 250%.


What artwork should I choose? 

With guidance from our expert art advisors, Smith & Partner can help you select the finest and most profitable pieces in our collection. Investing in blue-chip art will create an incredibly robust portfolio – one that can undoubtedly withstand the pressures of a financial crisis and economic unpredictability. However, if blue-chip is out of your reach at current, our art brokers would be happy to walk you through your other options of investment paths to still see incredible returns on your assets.

Contact our expert art art brokers for a no-obligation discussion about the potential of your art investment.