How to Decorate Your Home with Art

How to Decorate Your Home with Art

First, there are no rules as to what you should select for your home. Buy pieces that you love. Art should call to you and intrigue your senses. It should make you pause and wonder. Visit an art gallery to see what the market offers.

Should you decorate every room with art? Yes! Here is how.


What size art should I buy?

When deciding where to place art in your home, size matters. 

On a blank wall, your art should take up around 60%- 75% of the available wall space. However, when hanging wall art over furniture or next to other objects, you want to make sure you strike the right balance so your work doesn't overwhelm the space or look too small in the relative space which is why we recommend choosing work between 2/3 to 3/4 of the width of the furniture.

Oversized Artworks

Invest in at least one piece of oversized art. This is defined as any work over 100 centimetres in length or longer. These grand pieces work well over large sofas, dining tables, fireplace mantles, or rooms with vast wall spaces. 

Think of these works of art as statement pieces, often the first things guests will see when entering your home. A conversation starter.

Large Works

Next are large pieces that measure between 80 to 90 centimetres in length. As a stand-alone piece, a large-sized work can be placed above smaller sofas or even desks. Interesting reflective visuals can be created by hanging a large mirror opposite a large print. 

When paired together, large works create an even bigger impact. Think of selecting works that are similar in style. This can often be achieved with two works by the same artist.

Consider British visual artist Holly Frean’s, A Pack Of Picasso's Women, an 80 by 80-centimeter, playful imitation of Picasso’s painterly style, illustrating multiple women in 54 boxes. Pair this with the identically sized, A Pack Of Blue Dancers No. 2, a swirly collection of 48 blocks of dancing, electric blue figures, and body parts, that is absolutely, pure fun.

A Middle Ground

Medium-sized works from 60 to 70 centimetres stand out when placed between windows and doors, or on smaller wall spaces. To create a gallery space wall, with multiple limited prints, medium-sized works make the perfect central anchor. 

Art of this size also can be positioned at various heights, along the walls of a staircase, gradually rising with each step.

Keeping it Small

Small pieces between 45 to 59 centimetres look best when placed in groups of two, four or six. Visual interest is best when grouped on your gallery wall. 

Another especially attractive way of presenting small works is to line them up along a mantle place, slightly layered, one over the other. Or position pieces facing outward in open bookshelves.

Mini works of art between 25 to 44 centimetres also look more important when presented in groups. Combine works together, on a wall, or propped up on tables or desks, just as photographs are.


Pick A Room

Once you pick a room to add your next art purchase to, you need to determine a few personal guidelines. You will want to think about the room’s colour, style, the theme of the room, or overall home. And do not forget to add some personality!

The Colour Factor

Art can provide colour pops to neutral spaces, enhance a room’s existing colour scheme, and even dictate the colours of the furnishing around it. Colour is so personal. Straight from the colour wheel as primary or secondary colours, or softened into pastel shades, colour is vital. Do you want your art to blend in, stand out, or create a feeling of serenity?

An Element of Style 

Consider the style of your room. How is it furnished? A room furnished with British Arts and Crafts antiques will look lovely with prints from nature prints and outdoor landscapes.

For contemporary spaces, a bold print with vibrant colours always looks smashing. Think contemporary pop artist Deborah Azzopardi and Save the Date. Viewed from the back, a woman’s torso is depicted, in a red dress. She sweeps her long hair up with her hands, against a royal blue backdrop.

Or Blah, Blah, Blah. In this Pop Artwork, a woman’s hand holds up a blue telephone, allowing the words to seep downward as if tired of hearing all the chatter.

Choose A Theme

Choose a theme for one room, or every room of the house, A good place to start is by thinking about the environment that your home is in.

Art in a seaside home can express itself through a collection of nautical themed works. The beauty of a garden can be brought inside with a collection of floral prints. These examples play with motifs such as shells, starfish, roses or other favourite floral or botanical themes.

A Room With A View

Sometimes it is the room itself, or what it is used for that call out for attention. Look into each room and decide which elements you would like to incorporate.

The Kitchen

Your kitchen provides the perfect environment for all thing culinary. This includes the art! Think Antoinette Jordaine, one of our gallery’s emerging talents. 'In So British. So West Indian', she focuses on a bottle of hot pepper sauce, floating against waves of black and white. A limited-edition print of only 10 were produced.

In the Bedroom

How to decorate with art in the bedroom depends on how you think about the space. Is it a quiet retreat for late-night reading? Is it a space of gentle music and quiet slumber? 

If you view your bedroom as a sensual space, this artist also has just what you need. Lovely is a black on white, contemporary line drawing of a nude female backside. This medium-sized limited-edition print can be paired with Jordaine’s complementary Doctor-Doctor, a couple entwined. 

Give it Personality!

Art should also reflect the personality of the people that call the space a home. Lovers of the classic film may want art based on iconic Hollywood movie stars. Pop artist Sidney Maurer’s Strike a Pose, a rendering of Marilyn Monroe, in a blue silk corset and black hosiery. Our last available print and one of only 95 created.

Eternal Elegance, another from this artist, is a portrait of the eternally serene Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly, in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Dressed in the always chic little black dress, adorned with pearls and long black gloves, who could ever forget Hepburn in this film role.

Then for lovers of art and its history, Maurer has crafted Famous for 15 Minutes, a work that features another pop artist, Andy Warhol and coins his most famous phrase.

Art Matters

Like your home, furnishing and décor, art is a personal matter. How to decorate with art is truly up to you. Browse our online collection of Limited-Edition prints for some inspiration for your next art acquisition.