Investing In Art - Emerging Artists

Investing In Art - Emerging Artists

The first step of your art investment journey is usually knowing why to invest in art; and once you have that figured out, you need to know which types of art and artists will be the best fit for your collection.

Investing in emerging artists that are just beginning their careers and starting to achieve some recognition can prove to be a highly rewarding endeavour, but it does come with risks.

It’s crucial to Invest in artists at different career stages in order to build a truly diversified portfolio, and this article examines emerging artists.

What Is An Emerging Artist?

Daniela Raytchev - Turn Around

Daniela Raytchev - Turn Around 

An emerging artist is an artist at the beginning of their art career, starting to achieve recognition and attention despite not yet having established their reputation in the larger market. 

They should be proficient in their craft and qualified in their field; which doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be academically educated, but they should be adept at what they do.

They will have at least a modest portfolio of completed artworks and be prioritising their art career above other forms of employment.

Emerging artists are on the path to establishing themselves in the market and are usually just starting out with exhibiting their work, most often as part of a group show but sometimes as solo exhibitions; it’s highly unlikely that their works are being sold on the secondary market. 

An emerging artist begins to gain renown once they catch the eye of an art gallery, collector or critic that resonates with their work.

Are Emerging Artists A Good Investment?

Jeremy Jones - Everything's Fine

Jeremy Jones - Everything’s Fine

It can be difficult to truly estimate how much the value of an emerging artist’s work will grow over time, no one has the ability to foresee how their career will unfold or if it will become fruitful.

Because of that, they can be considered a volatile investment, especially in comparison to established and blue-chip artists; this is a good reason to consider artworks that resonate with you when adding emerging artists to your collection.

That being said, however, their works do come with a lower price tag and they do hold the potential to see very rapid increases in value and a well-timed investment can yield a great return.

One aspect that makes emerging artists a rewarding investment is that in doing so, you’re contributing to the success of an artist’s career and helping it develop, which will ultimately have the knock-on effect of increasing the value of their work over time.

It’s also great for bragging rights to be the investor that discovers a new talent and helps them fulfil their potential; especially if they go on to become one of the next big names in the industry.

Investing In Emerging Artists At S&P Gallery

Our expert art brokers carefully study the art market, closely observing trends and keeping an eye on art performance indicators such as auction potential, press mentions, exhibition frequency and quality (both in galleries and museums); all clear indicators to ascertain whether or not the artist will grow.

Both the online and offline presence is considered important to the overall acclaim of an artist and each artist signed with S&P Gallery is carefully considered beforehand. They need to be recognised with certain achievements and notably acknowledged within the art community/market in order to be considered for representation.

An artist that makes it to both the gallery and the brokerage floor at Smith & Partner has shown promising investment potential, each artist on the brokerage floor has entered a series of checks.

This makes investment in an artist at this stage a lot more secure than what could otherwise be seen as guesswork.

The Pandemic Increased Demand For Emerging Artists

Noel Marum - Andy Warhol

Noel Marum - Andy Warhol

The art market underwent a huge change due to the pandemic; the market finally shifted online, and there were new reasons for investing in art as well as a new generation of investors. These factors amongst others considerably increased the demand for the works of emerging artists.

Like with any time of financial uncertainty, blue-chip art owners tightly held onto their valuable pieces to protect their wealth; art being a stable asset class enables the preservation of value.

With a low supply of blue-chip art available and a new generation of collectors driving the demand for investment-grade artworks; the demand for emerging artists was dramatically driven upwards.

How To Invest In Emerging Artists

Daniela Raytchev - So Many

Daniela Raytchev - So Many

One of the greatest things about investing in emerging artists is the affordability factor, whether you’re looking for limited edition prints or original artworks, there are a variety of options which is great news for those looking to invest in art on a budget.

At S&P Gallery, we believe in making art investment accessible to everyone and emerging artists tick all the boxes in that area as collecting these artworks isn’t likely to require a large financial investment and enables you to build a larger art collection at a lower price point.

Additionally, once you have your collection you can then closely follow the artist’s career progression and keep an eye out for milestones and achievements, watching them closely as they begin to build a significant following.

Being willing to take a risk and invest in emerging artists can be a very rewarding experience and can have an enormous impact on the future of the art market. When supported and given time, the future of an emerging artist can result in plenty of benefits for both the artist and the collectors.

Which Artists Are Considered Emerging?

In the S&P Gallery collection, we have a range of sought after emerging artists including:

  • Jeremy Jones
  • Noel Marum
  • Daniela Raytchev


Jeremy Jones

Jeremy Jones - Cosmic Nap Time

Jeremy Jones - Cosmic Nap Time

Original artwork - Spray paint and acrylic paint pen on canvas.

Cosmic Nap Time is a street art piece by contemporary street artist, Jeremy Jones. The familiar character of the Pink Panther lays, draped in a hammock, suspended in outer space. 

Deep pinks and vibrant blues splash across the canvas, created using multiple layers of paint and acrylic pens.

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Noel Marum

Noel Marum - Salvador Dali

Noel Marum - Salvador Dali

Original artwork - Diamond dusted canvas.

Noel’s signature style sees him leaning into abstraction and portraiture and in this homage to the late Salvador Dali, Noel skilfully uses his limited black and white palette to capture the portrait.

After doing so, the artist has applied a refreshing new element to the portrait with his proficient use of diamond dust.

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Daniela Raytchev

Daniela Raytchev - Recreation

Daniela Raytchev - Recreation

Original artwork - Oil, enamel, mixed-media, and gold leaf on canvas.

"Recreation is about healing after the trauma. The sketch of the sitting person is based on one of the interviews I took. Gold leaf covered lace surrounded by spikes emphasises the scars we celebrate as they make us who we are.

The use of pastel colours reminds us to be compassionate. We never know what the other person is going through so it’s important to trust their journey and be kind"

- Daniela Raytchev

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Are You Looking To Diversify Your Investment Portfolio?

At S&P Gallery we specialise in providing the highest level of confidence in the art market and art investment, and we believe making in making art investment accessible to everyone; including the work of emerging artists.

If you’d like to take the first step in your art investment journey, or even if you’re looking to expand or diversify your portfolio, feel free to contact our expert art advisors for the finest professional art investment guidance.

To learn more about the benefits of investing in art and investing with S&P Gallery, as well as our market performance some of the returns realised from our clients, you could also download our free art investment guide, which is packed with valuable information and insights.

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