Investing In Art - Established Artists

Investing In Art - Established Artists

Knowing why to invest in art is only the beginning of your art investment journey; you’ll next need to figure out which types of art and artists are the best fit for your portfolio. 

Artists that have established their reputation and careers as well as developed their signature style are a necessary consideration for anyone serious about collecting and investing in art.

Investing in artists at different career stages is vital for building a diversified portfolio, in this article we’re going to look at investing in established artists.


Who Is Considered An Established Artist?

 Miss Aniela - Risen Rose - Limited Edition Print

 Miss Aniela - Risen Rose

An established artist is an artist at a mature career stage with a considerable body of work behind them; achieving a higher level of prestige.

Established artists typically receive recognition on both a national and international basis, building an international following; with a significant number of solo exhibitions at distinguished and reputable galleries and museums around the world.

This level of artist will have appeared in numerous publications about them and their artwork, mostly through galleries, museums and publishing houses, as well as receiving substantial press coverage and media attention.

This stage of an artist’s career is based upon years of consistent sales of their work in galleries and auctions, with the value of their work becoming established as a result. Their signature style would have been developed over the course of creating each series of artworks and they would have demonstrated their ability to maintain this high achievement level.


Stuart McAlpine Miller - Towards A Powerful Conclusion - Limited Edition Print

 Stuart McAlpine Miller - Towards A Powerful Conclusion

What Is An Emerging To Established Artist?

Nettie Wakefield - Skittles - Limited Edition Print

 Nettie Wakefield - Skittles

When looking into established artists, an area that is often overlooked is the crossing over point of an artist’s career, as they grow from being an emerging artist to becoming an established artist.

With a grounded body of work and a recognisable signature style, emerging to established artists hold wonderful potential for investment purposes and for building up your reputation as a collector, gallery, or interior design business. 

Artists in this stage of their career such as Nettie Wakefield, have received national recognition and media attention, have been featured in publications and are also known for their successful solo exhibitions.

With a large following and some reputable gallery representation, promoting their work through solo and group shows; emerging to established artists are on the verge of exploding onto the larger art scene, leaving their mark on the industry and establishing their name.


 Nettie Wakefield - Crown - Limited Edition Print

 Nettie Wakefield - Crown


Are Established Artists A Good Investment?

Miss Aniela - Wolves Of Beihai - Limited Edition Print

 Miss Aniela - Wolves Of Beihai

Artists do not reach this stage of their career by accident, it’s usually because they’ve managed to create a body of work that captures the attention of seasoned collectors and investors, and have the representation of a reputable gallery behind them. 

Established artists are in high demand and sought after by seasoned investors and collectors and their works are often sold on the secondary market; the consistency of such sales having established the value of the artist’s work.

When it comes to investment potential, established artists are slightly more volatile than blue-chip artists, but they’re not worlds apart and therefore offer a great opportunity for rising in value, or at the very least, holding their value.

How To Invest In Established Artists

Miss Aniela - Victory Voyage - Limited Edition Print

 Miss Aniela - Victory Voyage

One of the greatest things about investing in the works of established artists is that there are affordable options for doing so, and they’re much more obtainable than the works of blue-chip artists usually are.

Whilst original artworks can be pricey, the limited edition prints of artists such as Miss Aniela and Stuart McAlpine Miller are an excellent way of affordably adding their artwork to your collections, while still being investment-grade artworks in their own right.

Mixed media original artworks are another option for adding an investment-worthy piece to your portfolio that has a little more weight than a print, but is more affordable than an original painting.

Our collection of mixed media original artworks has been printed using the giclee printing method and has then been hand-embellished with oil paint by the artist; adding varying features and characteristics, giving each print a unique finishing touch.

The variety of options available for investing in established artists is great news for those looking to invest in art on a budget.

At S&P Gallery, we believe in making art investment accessible to everyone and we have a spectacular collection of established artists’ works available.

Which Artists Are Considered Established?

In the S&P Gallery collection, our most sought after established artists are:

  • Miss Aniela
  • Stuart McAlpine Miller


Miss Aniela

 Miss Aniela - Melting Gaze - Limited Edition Print

  Miss Aniela - Melting Gaze

And the more she looked into the deep lagoon of her own being, the more pain of the cold she could feel. And yet as it radiated out and through her, the more the frozen world around her began to deliquesce, to soften and warm into a place at once new and the same.

Melting Gaze is a fusion of two shoots. Model Annabelle Little was styled by Leonid Gurevich and shot in an astonishingly beautiful modern ‘castle’ in Yonkers, New York; inserted into the landscape of a lagoon in Iceland. 

The artist wished to bring the model, chair, and mirror into the outdoor setting for a surrealistic piece that makes the viewer feel the tranquillity of the moment captured.  This artwork also conveys the symbolic element of daydreaming, being a million miles away in one’s own thoughts.

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Stuart McAlpine Miller

 Stuart McAlpine Miller - The Tower - Limited Edition Print

 Stuart McAlpine Miller - The Tower

In this artwork, Harry Potter’s school uniform takes on the guise of armour, inspired by the sense of safety the school of Hogwarts afford him, preparing him for the upcoming battles and the war that lies ahead.

This artwork is another that clearly adheres to the overall theme and highlights the coexistence of good and evil.

The title is suggestive of a tower of strength and that theme is reinforced by the central composition of the painting. Harry holds his wand close to his chest and gestures as though it’s a talisman. Symbolic of his birthright and connection to Lord Voldemort, Harry’s wand is both a blessing and a curse.

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Do You Want To Add An Established Artist To Your Collection?

At S&P Gallery we specialise in providing the highest level of confidence in the art market and art investment, and we believe making in making art investment accessible to everyone; including the work of established artists.

If you’d like to take the first step in your art investment journey, or even if you’re looking to expand or diversify your portfolio, feel free to contact our expert art advisors for the finest professional art investment guidance.

To learn more about the benefits of investing in art and investing with S&P Gallery, as well as our market performance some of the returns realised from our clients, you could also download our free art investment guide, which is packed with valuable information and insights.

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