John Steven Dews

John Steven Dews is a contemporary artist most known for his maritime paintings, the critical acclaim for which has established him as one of the most successful living maritime artists in the world.

Dews lives for his subject and is a highly experienced yachtsman, often found on the sea himself when he’s not painting his maritime scenes; his knowledge and experience of sailing are evident in the detailed compositions and atmospheres of his paintings. 

The artist clearly demonstrates his mastery of capturing wind, sea and sky, pulling from a place of personal experience when translating these elements onto a canvas.

Dews has exhibited his work around the world and has also had numerous sell-out exhibitions as well as notable commissions from high-profile Marine Boards and Yacht Clubs. 

The acclaim of John Steven Dews is also echoed in some of the astonishing prices achieved at auction for his work. In the Sotheby’s sale of Maritime Art in London on April 28th 1999, his original entitled ‘Off Cowes’, was sold for a phenomenal price for a living marine artist. 

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