Art Investment FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Art Investment

When it comes to art investment, there are a number of questions that people ask, especially those that are new to investing in art. We've curated a collection of the most frequently asked questions about art investment in order guide you through part of the process.

What happens after I purchase my art?

Once you have made your purchase, you can choose whether you want the artwork to be kept in secure storage with us, or to be delivered to your chosen address.

Do I own the artworks I purchase?

Every artwork you buy from Smith & Partner belongs to you, you have sole ownership of the artwork.

How do I know my artwork is authentic?

Smith & Partner is proud to be regulated by the Fine Art Trade Guild, all works sold via Smith & Partner is either signed by the artist or accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Will you help me sell my artwork?

We’ll inform you at the best time to sell your artwork based on the market landscape, with your go-ahead we’ll market the artwork for you via our extensive network of art world connections.

Can you help me build an investment portfolio?

Once you’ve opened an account with Smith & Partner, we’ll assign a dedicated, expert art broker to work with you and create a personalised art investment plan with a bespoke selection of recommended works from our catalogue.

Your personal art broker will also keep you up to date with any art market news or trends related to the portfolio you’ve built with us.

Does an artwork have to be original to be classed as investment-grade art?

Limited edition fine art prints and original artworks can be used for investment growth. Notably, there are instances when the percentage return can be higher for a print than an original.

Where can I store my art?

Smith & Partner have access to state-of-the-art warehousing facilities, all with industry-leading security systems, ensuring the guaranteed safe-keeping of your prized portfolio pieces.

Alternatively, we can send your artwork to you via secure shipping with our exclusive partnerships which include; packers, custom brokers, airfreight agents, and freight companies that provide white glove shipping services.

Do you guarantee a return on my investment?

Despite our expertise in the art market and our proven results, we can never guarantee a return on your investment and past performance is not indicative of future results.

Can my artwork lose value?

Art is a diversified and varying product and as a result of that, it can lose value depending on factors such as rarity, importance and provenance, usually judged by experts. This is why it’s crucial for doing research and consulting with expert art advisors.

What are the tax implications of art investment?

The first £6,000 you earn selling art in a calendar year is completely tax-free. However, we would strongly recommend seeking independent tax advice.

What are the benefits of purchasing art through Smith & Partner?

At Smith & Partner, we will provide you with a dedicated, expert art broker who will create a personalised investment plan what you and help you build your portfolio; which can include limited edition artworks that we have exclusive access to.

Your personal art broker will be by your side to guide you through every stage of the art investment process, minimising the risks, removing the stress and eliminating the guesswork of art investment.

We will use our art market understanding and our expert insider’s knowledge in harmony with detailed market insights to track market trends and inform you of the best time to sell your artwork for profit.

We will market your artwork for you via our extensive network of art world connections.

Feel free to contact our expert art advisors for any advice and guidance you need.



Another way you can increase your knowledge of the art market is to download our free art investment guide, this guide was put together by our expert advisors and is packed with valuable information and advice to help you on your way to investing in art.

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