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S&P Gallery Wrapped

S&P Gallery Wrapped Event

  • View the exclusive art collection before official release
  • Drinks and canapés included

Thursday 16th December 2021 - Wednesday 12th January 2022

58 Gloucester Rd,
South Kensington,
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S&P Gallery’s collective is presenting over 20 artworks by six different artists specialising in different practices from photography, to drawing, to painting in both original pieces and limited-edition prints.

All ticket sales, as well as proceeds from purchases made on the night, will be donated to Cancer Research UK to fund further development to find cures for patients affected by cancer.

From 16th December to 12th January, you can enjoy a selection of works by artists such as Nettie Wakefield, Mr Nice, Chloe McCarrick and more.

Nettie Wakefield

Nettie Wakefield is a contemporary fine artist who lives and works between London and LA, exhibiting her artworks internationally. She’s an artist with a solid grounding in art history and a commitment to traditional draughtsmanship, using her art to create perceivable barriers between artist and viewer with subject matters including reverse portraits and social distancing.

Mr Nice

Mr Nice works in a Mixed Media Pop Art style. Mr Nice’s artistic process gives him the opportunity to focus, perform and express himself in a way that he relates to his past experiences as a boxer; viewing his studio with the same mindset as he viewed the boxing ring. Lots of his works are created on wooden canvas, using mixed media such as chalk, spray paint, acrylic, neon lights and finished in resin.

Chloe McCarrick

Chloe McCarrick is a contemporary fine art photographer and mixed-media printmaking artist specialising in cyanotype art. Her artwork is regularly exhibited internationally. She’s an artist that uses her work to explore the infinite possibilities and variations of image production and is keen to use modern printmaking techniques with the goal of encouraging the viewer to form an emotional connection with her art.