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Titled in full Ned and the Long Run Hounds, this painting is actually a portrait of Ned Bonnie, Master at the time of painting of the Long Run Hounds in Louisville, near to the artist’s base in the heartland of the American equestrian world, Kentucky. Ned Bonnie, and his wife Nina, have been great supporters and friends of Andre Pater since his first arrival in Kentucky.

An obvious inspiration to Andre Pater has been the sporting art of Sir Alfred Munnings, undoubtedly one of the greatest British artists of the twentieth century and one of the most eminent equestrian artists of all time.Taking as his theme the beautiful hunting scenes with which Munnings made his reputation, Andre Pater has added a contemporary and uniquely American twist to the superb draughtsmanship and almost Impressionistic emphasis on light and colour which characterises both artists’ work.

Each print is hand signed by the artist and hand numbered.

About Artist:

Painting from Kentucky, the centre of the American racing industry, Andre Pater‘s powerful renditions of hounds, jockeys and racing scenes have become coveted prizes for sporting art lovers and collectors around the world.

Andre Pater was born in Poland and graduated from the Cracow Academy of Fine Arts summa cum laude. He relocated to the United States in 1981, where a strong Polish tradition of involvement in the breeding of Arabian horses inspired Pater initially to work on the depiction of Arabians. His reputation soon established, he was able to move to Kentucky in 1988, where his interest shifted from Arabian horses to the powerful thoroughbreds which dominate the racing scene and he concentrated increasingly on paintings depicting racing, foxhunting, sporting dogs, cattle and wildlife.

For many years now, Andre Pater has been a familiar name in the circles of Sporting Art insiders. His oils, pastels, gouaches and charcoals can be found in many private and corporate collections. His work has been exhibited at prestigious galleries across the United States and both the artist and his work have been the subjects of magazines and publications around the world.

Andre Pater’s work was the focus of a major London exhibition in the summer of 2002, supported by some of the greatest names in the world of sporting art and opened by the American Ambassador in London, Mr William Farish, who is himself a noted collector of the artist’s work. Thirty-one paintings, priced at up to £75,000 each, were on display at the exhibition on the opening night; all thirty-one were sold in less than thirty minutes.


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