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Gary Bunt paints a naive world, where simple pleasures are valued and cherished. In Jesus Sayeth Roll Over and his Dog Rolled Over, Bunt evokes Christian teachings and tells a story which is filled with warmth and humor. He wants the image to depict his faith in a new and contemporary manner. The painting’s title does not directly relate to a particular psalm, it refers instead to Bunt’s highly individualized and loose interpretation of different Christian messages. Jesus Sayeth Roll Over and his Dog Rolled Over tells a story that is built around a simple gesture and a mischievous dog. In Bunt’s paintings, animals are used to define the people depicted; they are the jester in the drama pointing the way to a smile or a laugh or just a wry acknowledgment of life’s contradictions. In this particular painting, the dog is trained to roll over and obediently does so, although it is just a matter of time before the animal springs into action again. Mankind attempts to control the natural world but never for long!

Each print is hand signed by the artist and hand numbered.

About Artist:

Gary Bunt, a professional musician who beat a number of personal challenges only to find that he had cancer, discovered painting as the best way to escape from what he describes as his “torment”.

Gary Bunt paints a naïve world, where simple pleasures are valued and cherished. Companionship and love are recurring themes and paintings often depict loving couples exchanging large red hearts or loyal dogs following their masters. This uniquely charming world has evolved out of Bunt’s desire to create paintings that reflect the warmth and humanity of modern life. Thick, broad brushstrokes reduce figures to their simplest form and witty details draw the viewer into the painting’s narrative. Gary Bunt’s paintings have universal appeal.

Gary Bunt’s style has evolved as an expression of his emotions and faith. His positive, affirmed approach to life compels him to paint with honesty and integrity. In his series of paintings depicting Jesus Christ and his dog, Bunt uses his unique style of painting to portray his very personal involvement with the Christian faith. With the series, Gary Bunt hopes to create paintings that convey a universal message of compassion and understanding.

Gary Bunt is now a very successful artist, with sell-out exhibitions in London, almost on an annual basis. His work is extremely collectible and he just enjoys painting every day his nostalgic take on life.



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