Bad Nut

Adam Green

TitleBad Nut
ArtistAdam Green
Paper Size (W x H)34 x 34 ins
Edition Size60
Price £1,675.00 Excluding VAT

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Bad Nut: He was an artist known for his skill at portraying the ideal feminine. Success had brought him money and fame. Everything he could possibly want....almost. Love had eluded him. Of course with money and fame he had no end of admirers but they meant nothing to him. There was only one for him but she probably didn't even know he existed. She was an actress, a star of Hollywood. The world knew her and the world loved her. How he longed to paint her. What chance did he have? Little did he know, she did know him and loved his work. She wanted him to paint her. So one day a call was made. The artist could not believe it. Did she have the right person? Did she really want him to paint her?
And so, one rainy night, his stomach full of butterflies, he arrived at her apartment.
He rang the bell.....

Each print is hand numbered and accompanied by a certificate signed by the artist. The certificate is numbered to match the print.

About the Artist

Adam Green

Adam Green’s paintings are novel yet sophisticated. The continued presence of ornamental, hypnotic patterns draw from his love of Mexican and African iconography. He takes alternative reference from vintage commercial images, pulling together diverse elements to achieve a quirky, but dynamic composition.

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