Deborah Azzopardi

ArtistDeborah Azzopardi
Paper Size (W x H)24 x 52 ins 60 x 132 cms
Image Size (W x H)20 x 48 ins 50 x 122 cms
Price £1,500.00 Excluding VAT

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Closer: This, and it's accompanying piece "Close" are further examples of another captured moment by the artist. These paintings in particular are of Deborah's own daughter who was wearing a man's oversized shirt early one morning. Both represent her theme of "just a moment in time" and, as always, the viewer is left with the ability to make up their own story.

The use of colour in this unique dyptich pair reflects new characteristic of Azzopardi's work. In fact, it is more minimalist if anything, in fitting with contemporary design and styling.

About the Artist

Deborah Azzopardi

The London based artist Deborah Azzopardi emerged from a background in commercial art, where her clients included household names such as Bovril, Bisto, and Disney. It was enjoyable but demanding work, and after a serious illness some years ago she decided to concentrate on painting subjects that really meant something to her, reasoning that ‘Life’s short, and if you do what you love then everything else will eventually fall into place’.

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