Rooms by the Sea

Edward Hopper

TitleRooms by the Sea
ArtistEdward Hopper
Paper Size (W x H)32 x 24 ins
Edition Size75
Price £1,200.00 Excluding VAT

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Hopper first began painting the effects of sunlight as a young art student in Paris, and this interest continued throughout his career. As a mature artist, Edward Hopper spent most of his summers on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. There, he designed and built a sunny, secluded studio at Truro, on a bluff overlooking the ocean.

The view in ‘Rooms by the Sea’ which was painted in 1951, resembles what Hopper would have seen out the back door of his studio. But the description that he gave this painting in his notebook---"The Jumping Off Place"---suggests that the image is more a metaphor of solitude and introspection than a depiction of the actual place.

There are two rooms: one, carpeted in soft green, is conventional and elegant with a sofa, painting and chest of drawers. The dove-grey wall and the golden floor are dramatically highlighted in angled brightness, turning surfaces into whiter shades of pale and lemon.

It's a room that opens outwards through a crisp, clearly outlined doorframe. That open, inviting door leads improbably, miraculously, to the beautiful blue calm sea without an apparent ladder or steps and no indication of a beach. Like Hopper's most arresting images, this scene seems to be realistic, abstract, and surrealistic all at once.

Look longer, viewers will notice standard Hopper themes - mystery, loneliness, alienation.

The print is hand numbered and accompanied by a certificate signed by the Master Printer and bearing a matching number to the print.

About the Artist

Edward Hopper

Edward Hopper was a prominent American realist painter and printmaker. His spare and finely calculated paintings of urban and rural scenes reflected his personal vision of modern American life. Today, he is regarded as one of the most enduring American painters of the 20th century.

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