Seven V.W.H. Foxhounds

Gary Stinton

TitleSeven V.W.H. Foxhounds
ArtistGary Stinton
Paper Size (W x H)29 x 23 ins
Edition Size9
Price £480.00 Excluding VAT

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The pedigree of a foxhound can be traced in some cases as far back as 1800, or over 50 generations, which is one of the longest in the animal kingdom. Foxhounds are lively and very friendly; what another breed of canine could be taken out into the field and still be kept under control - but also be given leeway - for such long periods and in such large numbers? Foxhounds are also fine looking animals, bred by the Master of foxhounds for a purpose and at their happiest when fulfilling this purpose. They are also a very well-balanced breed; possibly because they live in a pack and hunt as their wild ancestors would have done. Specifically, with regard to this picture, the Vale of the White Horse foxhounds are noted for their working ability in the Cotswolds, where a good nose is particularly important. They are large, predominantly white and their strong bloodline is found in many leading kennels around the world.

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About the Artist

Gary Stinton

The acclaimed young wildlife artist Gary Stinton was born and brought up in Hereford.

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