Green Nude

Gerry Baptist

TitleGreen Nude
ArtistGerry Baptist
Paper Size (W x H)30 x 23 ins
Edition Size150
Price £285.00 Excluding VAT

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This limited edition print, Green Nude, is one of a collection of two vibrant and colourful nudes by the celebrated painter and printmaker, Gerry Baptist. Gerry Baptist was influenced by the exotic and magical colours of Indian miniatures when working on these nudes. Colour abounds in the miniatures, with strong outlines holding the warm and glowing shapes together, pattern building upon pattern and with every corner of the image filled with luxurious forms, figures and flowers. This pair of nudes was created specifically for silk-screen printing since no other medium can achieve the intense and brilliant colours required with such a vivid richness.

This Limited Edition Silk-Screen Print has been printed with lightfast inks on acid-free calcium carbonated buffered stock, mould-made from 100% cotton and sourced from environmentally-conscious paper suppliers.

About the Artist

Gerry Baptist

Gerry Baptist's paintings convey an immediate frisson; he possesses a natural talent for composition and creates landscape and figure studies in vibrant colour. His paintings are startling in their effectiveness, having a clarity, vivaciousness and powerful vision.

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