Deck Hands

P J Crook

TitleDeck Hands
ArtistP J Crook
Paper Size (W x H)30 x 27 ins
Edition Size295
Price £210.00

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PJ Crook was inspired by her childhood memories of her father's nocturnal gambling habits to paint her provocative work, Deck Hands. PJ Crook's work is shot through with challenging undercurrents and thought-provoking reversals. For example, in Deck Hands, she has placed the game outside, rather than setting the painting in a traditional gamblers' dark and smoky room. She has also deliberately emphasized the size of her characters to demonstrate the apparent control of their environment. In fact, of course, the gambler never knows in which way the cards will stack...

Each print is hand signed by the artist and hand numbered.

About the Artist

P J Crook

P. J Crook is, categorically, a painter. However, her ability to integrate the space surrounding her subjects into the images themselves and her stunning decoration of the mounts and frames introduces a three-dimensional quality to her work, which is thus established as neither painting nor sculpture but an entirely unique combination of the two.

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