Die Fledermaus

Valentino Monticello

TitleDie Fledermaus
ArtistValentino Monticello
Paper Size (W x H)20 x 19 ins
Edition Size195
Price £240.00 Excluding VAT

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Die Fledermaus (The Bat) is an operetta composed by Johann Strauss II to a German libretto by Karl Haffner and Richard Genée. The operetta première in 1874 in Vienna, and has been part of the regular operetta repertoire ever since. Its first London performance in the original German was in 1895. This is the younger Strauss's most celebrated and popular operetta; is an amusing case of mistaken identities and flirtations at a masked ball. It is intoxicatingly melodious and frivolous and confusions of all kinds provide a hilarious vehicle for some of the most captivating music ever written including the ever-popular 'Fledermaus Waltz'.

Die Fledermaus tells the story of Eisenstein, who is due to spend the next eight days in prison. However, his old friend, Dr. Falke, is out to avenge a practical joke Eisenstein played on him and tells Eisenstein that he can go to prison after attending Prince Orlofsky's grand party in the guise of a marquis. Eisenstein's wife, Rosalinda, and her chambermaid, Adele, are also woven into the deception and the maid attends the party as an actress and his wife goes as a masked Hungarian Countess. At the ball, Eisenstein flirts with his own wife, who herself narrowly escapes getting caught in her own tryst with tenor Alfred by having the new warden mistakenly arrest the singing Romeo. In the end, they all toast champagne and laugh at Eisenstein's expense. This picture portrays the scene at the ball and shows the masked figure of Rosalinda in its centre. This stunning work of art is produced, in accordance with the artist’s customary technique, using only the labels taken from bottles of fine wine.

The print is hand numbered and accompanied by a certificate signed by the Master Printer and bearing a matching number to the print.

About the Artist

Valentino Monticello

Valentino Monticello has three passions: wine, opera, and art. An exceptional talent, Monticello cuts and shapes his favourite wine labels into unique artworks.

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