Giovanni Gallurese

Valentino Monticello

TitleGiovanni Gallurese
ArtistValentino Monticello
Paper Size (W x H)19 x 21 ins
Edition Size195
Price £240.00 Excluding VAT

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This stunning work of art by Valentino Monticello, Giovanni Gallurese,  is produced, in accordance with the artist’s customary technique of cutting and shaping only the labels taken from bottles of fine wine in order to create the collage. All the wines used here emanate from Italy, so as to add to the atmosphere of the scene.

Giovanni Gallurese is an opera by Montemezzi. "Gallura" is an old Italian name for Sardinia and the native people of "Gallura" call themselves "Gallurese". Hence the Giovanni of the title is a native Sardinian. The opera takes place in the 17th Century during the occupation of Sardinia by the Spanish. The resistance is organised by the Gallurese of whom Giovanni is one of the leaders. Monticello has chosen to depict a scene from Act Two of the opera. It shows a typical Italian piazza or square, a church and a tavern. Rivegas, a Spaniard and enemy of Giovanni, is in the tavern drinking with some friends. The two have recently fought over a woman called Maria. Giovanni arrives with his compatriot Bastiano and Maria greets them. The townsfolk enter the church and sing to St Antonio.

The print is hand numbered and accompanied by a certificate signed by the Master Printer and bearing a matching number to the print.

About the Artist

Valentino Monticello

Valentino Monticello has three passions: wine, opera, and art. An exceptional talent, Monticello cuts and shapes his favourite wine labels into unique artworks.

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