Christian Gaillard Prints

                                Who are we?

Smith and Partner is an organization that specializes in the selling of Limited Edition Art Prints. Whether you want to buy some for your home or invest, our expertise in the art market allows for a professional evaluation and authentication. By combining a diverse knowledge of the international art market, Smith & Partner’s bespoke approach ensures growth and stability from the outset.

                                 How can we help you?

Our network of relationships with leading galleries, auction houses, and private art collectors ensures our clients have access to some of the rarest and most sought-after pieces. Whether you have extensive knowledge or are new to the industry, we can educate you not only regarding the desirability of certain pieces but also as to why certain artists and artworks are currently in demand.

Our unique investment strategies can bring a return potential of 64.6% in 12 months. Whatever your financial goals we have a wide range of flexible investment solutions.