Collecting fine art with Smith & partner

As we said, we here at Smith & Partner specialise in making the fine art market approachable to new collectors and old hands alike. Our extensive expertise in both the original artwork and limited edition art prints markets lets us offer you a few very important services:

  • Professional, unbiased evaluation of individual fine art pieces
  • Authentication of both original art and limited edition art prints
  • Brokering services of various kinds
  • Access to galleries, auction houses and private collectors which are unavailable to many new market participants

Our expertise has been a part of portfolios that have returned as much as 64.6% within 12 months and Smith & Partner consultants pride themselves around two key factors, safety and security over the long term. Essentially, we leverage both our extensive contact network and our extensive knowledge of the public and private art markets for your benefit. You get the advantage of that expertise, which helps to ensure the stable, reliable growth of your art investment portfolio. You also get ‘a foot in the door’ with the people and organizations who have access to the most sought-after original pieces and limited edition art prints.

Perhaps more importantly, though, Smith & Partner can help you gain the personal experience and deep understanding you need to make the most out of the art market, and to fulfil your potential as an investor in fine art. Collecting fine art as an investment is becoming the latest trend in alternative investments.

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