Antoinette Jordaine


Antoinette Jordaine is a London born and based emerging artist inspired by the journey of life, typography, travel and architecture. Classifying herself as an Autobiographical Artist her use of bold colours, and line are distinctive to Antoinette Jordaine’s style.

As a small child, Antoinette Jordaine was very shy and spent most of her time daydreaming about the world around her, and from this point onwards she recalls the first sparks of her creative vision developing. She feels that everything is a canvas, and it is possible to be creatively inspired by everything that surrounds you.

After school, Antoinette Jordaine continued her artistic studies into higher education studying graphic design, design technology, fine art, and fashion design at Ravensbourne University of Art and communication and the London College of Fashion. Continuing her creative career, she gained insight and further inspiration in the art and fashion worlds by working for many high-profile individuals at very esteemed galleries, and brands. Here is where her knowledge of organising high-profile events, curating art exhibitions, photography, and marketing came to fruition.

Working mostly with acrylic paint, Antoinette Jordaine does not solely create on paper or canvas; For years she has also colourfully created wearable art on clothing, and due to her love of architecture and interior design she also finds herself painting on furniture and accessories. A strong believer in sustainability she enjoys sourcing pre-loved furniture, clothing and canvas’s to create with.

Antoinette Jordaine curated her first-ever solo exhibition at Dorsett Hotel Shepherds Bush in 2017. She set herself the task of a 30-day art challenge where she created a piece of artwork every day for 30 days in honour of her late uncle. No matter the size, inspiration or content she put pen and paint to paper each day with all profits generated from sales of the artwork going to the UCL amyloidosis Cancer Research Fund in honour of her uncle. Since this exhibition, Antoinette Jordaine has displayed her work on the walls of the portobello Juice Cafe London, Sentient Room Gallery – Folkstone, and she currently has work displayed in the entrance of The MediaWorks, White city place. The future looks bright for Antoinette Jordaine as she continues to create collections inspired by her life whilst also raising funds and awareness for charities close to her heart.