Ray Ching


Ray Ching was born in Wellington, New Zealand. Around the age of twelve he dropped out of high school and started an apprenticeship in advertising, eventually becoming an art director.

However, being wholly dissatisfied, he turned to painting. During an early school experience, a class visit to a museum, he chanced upon a collection of stuffed hummingbirds. They enthralled him with their beauty and inspired a lifelong love and fascination with birds, feathers and flight.

Ching paintings usually fetch six figures. He continues to experiment with subject matter, and in recent years has included birds and the human figure in a series of imaginative works. He cannot be classified as a wildlife artist, which, although he admires many exponents of this genre, has never been his raison d’etre. His love of the look of birds and his desire to depict them, especially in flight, is his continuing passion. He is very interested and knowledgeable about conservation but that is not the primary driving force of his art.

Ching is considered the greatest contemporary bird painter, but he is also an artist of considerable standing for his other work.

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