Artworks To Anticipate At Our Upcoming Gallery Launch

Smith Partner
09 Sep 2020

Artworks To Look Out For This Autumn
With our gallery launch on the horizon, we know you’re all anticipating the artworks on show, and rightly so. S&P Gallery are delighted to boast well-known names like Warhol, Picasso and Azzopardi at our launch, but we’re also very excited to shine a light on emerging artists such as Miss Aniela amongst many others.
To add to this, both Deborah Azzopardi and Miss Aniela will be in attendance on the launch night, providing the perfect opportunity for you to meet the minds behind their incredible works. Here’s a deep dive into our two special guests for launch and the collections we’re proud to be presenting from them this September the 15th.
Deborah Azzopardi
It is our pleasure to be hosting the likes of London based artist Deborah Azzopardi at our launch alongside several of her distinctive works in our lower gallery. Azzopardi is well known for the positivity and humor, she injects into her paintings. Her distinctive style captures late 20th century and early 21st century culture, celebrating the comedy of turbulent relationships, seductions, fantasies and worries, we all have, hence why her work resonates with so many. Azzopardi’s works are some of the first to explore sexuality with emphasis placed on empowering the body in this period. Her energetic take on the wonders and joy of such passions resonate with her viewer’s desire for honest art with modern themes, whilst still attending to the playful and humorous themes she’s distinguished by. Working with names like Bovril, Bisto and Disney across the span of her career, it’s clear to see why Azzopardi’s talents have been recognised across the most prestigious of
institutions. Needless to say why we are overjoyed to be able to share an extensive collection of hers at our launch.
You can expect to see exciting works such as ‘Saturday Night’, ‘Save The Date’, ‘Fruity’ and ‘Will You Be Mine’, on the 15th, September 2020. Miss Aniela
As one of London’s leading contemporary creatives, Miss Aniela has certainly stood out from the crowded creative city, recognised as one of Saatchi’s ‘one’s to watch’ and having exhibited & collaborated globally.
Evocative lighting & references to classical art history are present across every piece in the collection. Miss Aniela has an understanding of the power of imagination and how it can be translated through digital photography to excite her audience. These pieces are made to be seen, to be admired and to be amazed by, which is why we cannot wait to unveil her collection shortly.
I say a little prayer
We are excited to share artworks ‘Fire & Ice’, ‘Enter The Golden Dragon’ & ‘Gold Leaf’ on the 15th, September 2020.
We truly are delighted to be able to share our London gallery launch with you soon!
If you are yet to reserve your place on our guest list, please contact us via the email below were we would be happy to assist you.
If you are unfortunately unable to attend our exclusive launch, we encourage you to visit us during our regular opening hours from the 16th of September, 2020.
‘Fire & Ice’ Artwork, – Exclusively for launch
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