Why Miss Aniela Is an Artist to Watch in 2020

So Real, It's Surreal

Luke Sparkes
19 Nov 2019

The art world has a bright new star, Miss Aniela. Her unique use of blending photography, fashion and the arts captures the attention of all who see it.

Who is Miss Aniela?

Natalie Lennard, or Miss Aniela, is a British artist who has been named as an artist to watch twice by Saatchi. Here at Smith & Partner, we know her art is both memorable and collection-worthy. Her list of awards is long and continues to grow.

Her art has gained acclaim due to its unique design elements and outstanding composition between multiple media.

She first began to be recognised while she was a student at the University of Sussex in 2006. Upon graduation, she quickly produced showings for galleries in London, Madrid and Chicago, and was invited to speak for Microsoft.

In her 14 years in the art world she has shown her art world-wide and received countless accolades. She uses both modern fashion features and classical art for her creative and sublime works.

Accomplishments of Miss Aniela

Her work has been featured in the British Houses of Parliament and the Waldermarsudde Museum, Sweden.

Some of her many accomplishments include:

  • Portrait of Humanity 2019, British Journal of Photography
  • Winner, 12th Julia Margaret Cameron Award 2018
  • Three Honourable Mentions (Fine Art, Special Effects, Advertising/Conceptual) in IPA Lucie Awards 2018
  • Finalist for Kuala Lumpur Portrait Prize, 2018
  • Finalist for Hopper Art Prize

Miss Aniela’s art is now available here at Smith & Partner Gallery where you can view and purchase to add it to your personal collection.

Miss Aniela

Surreal Fashion of Miss Aniela

Surrealism is a cultural movement beginning in the early 20th century. It captures the ideas of the unconscious mind through the images of art.

Miss Aniela fuses together photography and digital imagery with fashion and classical art to create surrealist masterpieces. Each of these is in juxtaposition to create images of a surreal world. Miss Aniela’s contemporary images are a festival of colour, shade and blending of ideas and styles.

Miss Aniela’s Art Collections

The creative images of Miss Aniela are influenced by the flair of fashion and how they interweave with other worlds and mediums.

  • The Surreal Fashion Collection was created from 2011 to 2018, still an ongoing collection of work. Here art and fashion collide with chaos and couture.
  • Her animals-only series features a giraffe as part of the indoor world. In High and Hungry and Giraffe & Chandelier the surrealism has the giraffe both blending and standing out in the artful indoor images.
  • The three-piece series called Faces takes thousands of images from art and blends them across the face of one individual.

She also has an earlier series created from 2006 to 2010 called Self Gazing.

Special Spotlight

The works of Miss Anelia are a playground for the imagination. Each beholds a visual wonderland of blended ideas and concepts. Our personal favourites when looking at the art of Miss Aniela:

Miss Aniela - Into the land of Qilin
Into the Land Of The Qilin is a powerful piece showcasing the Qilin of Chinese mythology. It was believed this Chinese unicorn was magical. Here Miss Aniela also portrays it as powerful with its rider draped in red. The brocaded gown woman looking skyward as she and the Qilin emerge from a forest with small pagodas giving homage to its origins.


Miss Aniela Scarlet Song
The cascading bright red dress is in contrast with the Pacific Ocean and a boat is dramatic eye-candy in Scarlet Song. Along with the rest of her collection, this piece is available in four print options and comes with signed & numbered certificate of authenticity.


In Poster & Plumage, Miss Anieia creates a Cinderella-like image. She uses both an extravagant dress and an opulent location in this piece. The first thing your eye lands on is the over-the-top headpiece which is both fantastical and appears to float in the image. The piece was shot at the Chateau de Challain estate in a bedroom where the girl poses in her luxurious gown in the opulent room.


In The Governess (article featured image) the eye meets a formidable woman head-on in the Elizabeth Room of Belvoir Castle. The piled, intricate hair and layer upon layer of the Victorian gown are worthy of the gold, intricate furniture and ceiling murals that make up this showstopping piece of surrealist art.

How to See and Purchase the Art of Miss Aniela

Miss Aniela’s art is a wonderland for the eye and the collector. If you are interested in viewing the artwork of Miss Aniela or making her art part of your collection you can take a look at her artist’s page here at Smith & Partner where you can see many of the Miss Aniela pieces we have available.

As fine art consultants here at Smith & Partner, we want to help you invest in a piece of art from an artist like Miss Aniela that becomes a prized part of your personal collection. Contact us to find out how we can help you.

Miss Aniela, Artist to Watch 2020

The art of Miss Aniela can become the centerpiece of your collection. Her fashion meets surrealism ideas captivate the eye and the art lover’s imagination. View and bring home the art by Miss Aniela by contacting us today. You can view her pieces in our gallery and we can help you choose the perfect piece to become a part of your fine art collection.


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