Flower of Hands

Pablo Picasso

TitleFlower of Hands
ArtistPablo Picasso
Paper Size (W x H)29 x 34 ins
Edition Size50

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Created on September 19th 1955, 'Flower of Hands' was drawn in coloured crayons on paper and was one of a series of similar designs which Picasso created on the same day. In the 1950s, Picasso’s style had changed once again. In the summer of 1955, he bought ‘La Californie’, a large villa near to Cannes in France with an enormous garden. Life at La Californie, and at the more private house near Aix to which he subsequently moved when La Californie became a tourist attraction, suited him as it reminded him of the heat and light of the Barcelona of his youth.

A number of elements are characteristic in his work of this time, including his use of simplified imagery, the vagueness of his subjects and his strident use of lines and colour. Perhaps Picasso’s most famous quote dates from this period: when questioned in the presence of some schoolchildren about the abstraction of work like Flower of Hands he said: “When I was as old as these children, I could draw like Raphael, but it took me a lifetime to learn to draw like them”. Towards the end of his life, drawing and painting became an obsession with Picasso, and he would date each picture with absolute precision, which is why experts today can be so precise in their attribution of this famous work.

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About the Artist

Pablo Picasso

Perhaps the greatest artist of all time, Pablo Picasso was born in October 1881. He began to paint at the age of 7 under his father's tuition and later studied at the Barcelona School of Fine Arts.

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