Highland Cattle

Peter Munro

TitleHighland Cattle
ArtistPeter Munro
Paper Size (W x H)40 x 28 ins
Edition Size50
Price £360.00 Excluding VAT

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Highland Cattle are an old breed known to have grazed the rugged Scottish landscape since at least the sixth century. Marked by their long coat of thick hair and by their powerful curved horns, written records of the Highlander as a breed date back to the eighteenth century and pedigrees have been listed since 1885.

Despite his love of the wildlife he finds around his home in the Highlands, Peter Munro’s paintings are also marked by the careful research he undertakes before beginning each work. He comments: “I always do a lot of reading up on the birds or animals so that I don’t make any blunders. If you make a mistake, people will always notice”.

Highland Cattle thrive on the poor mountain land with driving winds and high rainfall  on which less sturdy breeds would simply not survive. Peter Munro’s beautiful painting depicts?Kylie cattle, as they are known in Scotland, enjoying life in the historical hills of Glen Coe.

Each print is hand numbered and accompanied by a certificate signed by the artist. The certificate is numbered to match the print.

About the Artist

Peter Munro

Peter Munro was born in 1954 and he grew up in the Scottish Highlands, where his family ran a timber and forestry company.

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