Cape Horn

Steven Dews

TitleCape Horn
ArtistSteven Dews
Paper Size (W x H)34 x 24 ins
Edition Size100

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Cape Horn is a unique painting in Steven Dews’s career. In 25 years as a marine artist, this is the only painting he has produced without a vessel of some description in it. His book, “A Cloud of Sail”, comments that “this picture also has an intrinsic importance to Steven, as it represents the essence of all his work, man’s relationship with the sea. It represents a lifetime of passion and wonder”.

Cape Horn is named after the city of Hoorn in the Netherlands. It is the southernmost headland of the Tierra del Fuego archipelago of southern Chile.

Steven Dews’s painting of Cape Horn graphically illustrates the desolate environment which represents the ultimate challenge for all sailors from around the world. It was one of the most challenging paintings that the artist has ever undertaken. He recalls: “It was difficult to produce a painting without a focal point that would be stimulating. This one was more about emotion than timber and sailcloth. I painted a deliberately high horizon to give the impression of scale, with the anvil-hard rock face illuminated by a blast of light, leaden sky and towering waves advancing relentlessly westward.”

Each print is hand numbered and accompanied by a certificate signed by the artist. The certificate is numbered to match the print.

About the Artist

Steven Dews

Described by Sotheby’s of London as “the best, there’s nobody else to touch him”, Steven Dews is a man at the peak of his profession.

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