First Fleet

Steven Dews

TitleFirst Fleet
ArtistSteven Dews
Paper Size (W x H)40 x 26 ins
Edition Size95

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The 430 ton convict ship ‘Scarborough’, along with ten other convict ships, arrived at Port Jackson, Sydney, Australia, around 7.30pm 26th January 1788. Using her yards, she is now lowering her boat ready to disembark the convicts in Sydney Cove. ‘Scarborough’ anchored close in the South West corner of the Cove and the brig ‘Friendship’ was warped alongside. The ‘Prince of Wales’ and the ‘Borrowdale’ anchored alongside each other further up the beach and the other ship in the painting, ‘Fishbourne’, anchored in the middle of the Cove. The rest of the fleet anchored further out with the two armed vessels, HMS ‘Supply’ and HMS ‘Sirius’ standing off the entrance to the Cove as a security measure.

The black Newfoundland dog, Hector, was owned by ‘Scarborough’s Master, John Marshall. ON the 5th May 1788, after completing the delivery of the convicts, John Marshall left Hector ashore to be cared for by Mr. Clark, the contractors agent, in the colony, and ‘Scarborough’ sailed for China and then on to England. Returning to Port Jackson on Tuesday 29th June 1790, some two years later remarkably, Hector recognised his master’s ship and swam out to greet him. John Marshall was overjoyed seeing him again. Hector then refused to leave his side!

The ‘Scarborough’ sailed again for China in August of that year, but it is not clear whether Hector was on board or not.

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About the Artist

Steven Dews

Described by Sotheby’s of London as “the best, there’s nobody else to touch him”, Steven Dews is a man at the peak of his profession.

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