Steven Dews

ArtistSteven Dews
Paper Size (W x H)40 x 26 ins
Edition Size95

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Hougoumont was constructed at Moulmein, Burma in 1852 and named after the Château d’Hougomont, where the Battle of Waterloo was fought. The ship’s original owner was Duncan Dunbar, a highly successful ship owner who entered the convict transport trade in the 1840s, providing nearly a third of the ships that transported convicts to Western Australia.

Hougoumont was the last convict ship to transport convicts to Australia. Her most famous voyage occurred in 1867, after she was chartered to transport convicts to Western Australia. By this time, she was owned by Luscombe of London. She left London, England on October 12, 1867, bound for the Swan River Colony, carrying the last of 37 shipments of male convicts destined for Western Australia. Most of the passengers were pensioner guards and their families. The voyage took 89 days, arriving in Fremantle on January 9, 188, with 108 passengers and 279 convicts.

Each print is hand numbered and accompanied by a certificate signed by the artist. The certificate is numbered to match the print.

About the Artist

Steven Dews

Described by Sotheby’s of London as “the best, there’s nobody else to touch him”, Steven Dews is a man at the peak of his profession.

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