Prince Igor

Valentino Monticello

TitlePrince Igor
ArtistValentino Monticello
Paper Size (W x H)22 x 19 ins
Edition Size195
Price £240.00 Excluding VAT

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This stunning work of art, Prince Igor is produced, in accordance with the artist’s customary technique of cutting, using only the labels taken from bottles of fine wine.  All the wines used here emanate from Russia, so as to add to the atmosphere of the scene. Prince Igor is an opera in four acts with a prologue. It was composed by Russian composer Alexander Borodin, who adapted the libretto from the East Slavic epic The Lay of Igor's Host.

The opera was left unfinished upon the composer's death in 1887; it was later edited by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov and Alexander Glazunov.  Borodin never wrote down the overture, but Glazounoff heard him play it so frequently that it was an easy matter for him to orchestrate it according to Borodin’s wishes. The composer left this note about his opera: "It is curious to see how all the members of our set agree in praise of my work. While controversy rages amongst us on almost every other subject, all, so far, are pleased with ‘Igor.’"

The opera was first performed in St. Petersburg, Russia, in 1890, three years after Borodin’s death. Prince Igor recounts the campaign of Prince Igor against the invading Polovtsian tribes in 1185. It is set in the town of Poutivl and the Polovtsian Camp. The opera depicts colourful Russian scenes, exotic music, and the most of all celebrated Polovtsian dances.

The print is hand numbered and accompanied by a certificate signed by the Master Printer and bearing a matching number to the print.

About the Artist

Valentino Monticello

Valentino Monticello has three passions: wine, opera, and art. An exceptional talent, Monticello cuts and shapes his favourite wine labels into unique artworks.

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