“My art is a fusion of my father’s artistic eccentricity and my mother’s roots in nature.”

Lorello’s appreciation of the outdoors and nature inspire much of her work. She grew up on a farm in Woodstock, USA and moved to New York City when she was 15. Her father is a metal sculptor and she grew up surrounded by his friends, who included Frank Stella, Jeff Koons and Anthony Quinn amongst others. Her mother is a poet and medicinal plant expert. One of Lorello’s first artistic experiences was illustrating her mother’s poetry when she was only four years old.

The artist studied printmaking and gained her Masters in New York. Lorello prides herself on her ability to work in many mediums and has even spent time in her creative life as a professional makeup artist for the New York City Opera, theatres and film.

Although Lorello has travelled extensively throughout the U.S., Europe and the Middle East. She loves to be outdoors and can often be found hiking and skiing, or joining a group of friends to go white-water rafting. New cultures, meeting interesting people and trying new foods inspire her. Lorello is an avid chef who cooks every day.

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