Paul Evans


Since leaving Eastbourne College of Art and Design in 1976, Paul Evans has found the ever-changing light and colour of the English landscape a constant source of inspiration. Soon after graduating, he settled in Sussex, where he was able to develop his artistic skills immersed in his subject matter. In 1988, Paul Evans and his wife took over their local gallery and this gave them a good platform from which to market Paul’s work.

In 1994, Paul Evans found a new landscape to paint in Suffolk, a county that has inspired generations of artists from John Constable to Philip Wilson Steer. His gallery has proved the universal appeal of Paul Evans’s work, and at last count, his paintings have sold to collectors in over forty countries. Known for his detailed watercolours, Paul Evans has recently taken a fresh departure into the vibrant and often textured realms of colour commanding abstracts. Both dreamy and dramatic, the moods and emotions of his thought-provoking distances invite immediate relaxation into limitless areas of personal interpretation.

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