Sarah Aspinall


Sarah Aspinall received her art education, and an MA Degree, from St Martin’s School of Art in London. She then moved to Rome, where she spent ten years developing her own style in painting and working in art restoration, principally on Old Master paintings. “Working as a restorer on Old Master paintings was an extraordinary privilege and a great learning curve”, she says. “Knowing how Caravaggio mixed his pigments, oils and resins gives me confidence that the work that I am producing today will be around for generations to come.”

In 1995, Sarah Aspinall was nominated by the Italian Jockey Club as its official artist, painting Derby winners. Well known in Italian racing circles, Sarah Aspinall exhibited regularly at Rome’s Capannelle Racecourse before moving back to England.

Her equestrian paintings combine a pre-Raphaelite palette with an absolute understanding of the horse. Both with her classic portraiture and her looser, more expressive work, Sarah Aspinall’s aim is to capture the subtleties of each horse’s character whilst maintaining anatomical precision.

Sarah Aspinall’s work is exhibited frequently in London, and her paintings are collected by leading names within the equestrian world. She now lives and works in Sussex and, when not in the studio, is to be found riding her own much-loved mare over the Sussex Downs.


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