Edward Hopper

ArtistEdward Hopper
Paper Size (W x H)44 x 24 ins
Edition Size75
Price £1,350.00 Excluding VAT

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"Nighthawks" was painted in 1942 by Edward Hopper. The subject portrays people sitting in a downtown diner late at night. It is, undoubtedly, Hopper's most famous work and is one of the most recognizable paintings in American art. h

According to Hopper's wife, Josephine, the painting was finished on the 21st January and her handwritten notes include the interesting possibility that the painting's evocative title may have had its origins as a reference to the beak-shaped nose of the man at the bar.

She also said that Edward had posed for the two figures himself of the men, using a mirror, and he used his wife, Josephine, for the girl. The painting took around six weeks to complete. There is a possibility that Hopper was inspired by Vincent van Gogh's "Night Café" which was being exhibited in New York at the time he painted this painting. No-one has clearly and safely identified the site of the painting but it is thought to have been at Mulry Square which is the intersection of Seventh Avenue South, Greenwich Avenue and West 11th Street, which was some seven blocks from Hopper's studio on Washington Square.

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About the Artist

Edward Hopper

Edward Hopper was a prominent American realist painter and printmaker. His spare and finely calculated paintings of urban and rural scenes reflected his personal vision of modern American life. Today, he is regarded as one of the most enduring American painters of the 20th century.

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