Thou Shalt Not Steal

Gary Bunt

TitleThou Shalt Not Steal
ArtistGary Bunt
Paper Size (W x H)16 x 12 ins
Edition Size75
Price £120.00 Excluding VAT

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Gary Bunt paints a naive world, where simple pleasures are valued and cherished. In Jesus Sayeth Thou Shalt Not Steal but his Dog had Stolen, Bunt evokes Christian teachings and tells a story which is filled with warmth and humour. He wants the image to depict his faith in a new and contemporary manner. The painting’s title does not directly relate to a particular psalm, it refers instead to Bunt’s highly individualized and loose interpretation of different Christian messages. Jesus Sayeth Thou Shalt Not Steal but his Dog had Stolen tells a story that is built around a simple gesture and a mischievous dog. In Bunt’s warmhearted and generous paintings, animals are used to define the people depicted; they are the jester in the drama pointing the way to a smile or a laugh or just an acknowledgment of life’s contradictions. In this particular painting, Jesus reprimands the dog for stealing a bone, proving that no matter the level of training, all animals are fallible!

Each print is hand signed by the artist and hand numbered.

About the Artist

Gary Bunt

Gary Bunt, a professional musician who beat a number of personal challenges only to find that he had cancer, discovered painting as the best way to escape from what he describes as his “torment”.

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