Tango Valentino

Marsha Hammel

TitleTango Valentino
ArtistMarsha Hammel
Paper Size (W x H)30 x 36 ins
Edition Size250
Price £809.99 Excluding VAT

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Tango Valentino is part of Marsha Hammel’s wonderful musical subjects to be published as a limited edition in the gouttelette format. The tango is a dance of finite form; like classical ballet, its movements are strictly choreographed. Yet, within this strict form powerful emotions and passions are expressed and Tango Valentino was created by Marsha Hammel with this fascinating contradiction firmly in mind. With her use of simple form and restricted palette even the two faces are not fully visible, making implicit rather than explicit the potency and mastery of the dancers’ steps.

Marsha Hammel describes herself as an atavist, or one who returns to primitive form. In keeping with other early art forms, she strives to present her figures in simple, powerful terms with reductive backgrounds. Her work today is characterised by its sense of urgency and spontaneity and by the use of vibrant colour and form. She now enjoys artistic success and inspiration living and working in the southern part of the United States. Specialising in atmospheric paintings with a musical theme, Marsha Hammel pours all her energy into her art and she sells every piece she can produce.

Each print is hand numbered and accompanied by a certificate signed by the artist. The certificate is numbered to match the print.

About the Artist

Marsha Hammel

Born in Florida in 1949, Marsha Hammel has lived in Panama, Italy, Germany, and Canada. She has travelled the United States extensively, spending time in the west and north-east as well as in the Sunbelt cities of Richmond and New Orleans.

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