Relative Impediment

Michael Jackson

TitleRelative Impediment
ArtistMichael Jackson
Paper Size (W x H)44 x 22 ins
Edition Size50
Price £600.00 Excluding VAT

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‘Relative Impediment’ depicts the marriage of a pair of cockatoos (from different sides of the tree) presided over by a spectacled owl, a traditional symbol of wisdom. The relatives stand to the left and right of the bride and groom as tradition dictates. A backdrop of passion flowers and pitcher plants (the carnivorous plant also known as the pitfall trap) suggests a conflicting tension between the two parties. The presence of a praying mantis (a species in which the female devours the male after copulation) adds a further dimension of ambivalence and emphasizes the rationale for the title. Is there any just impediment why this pair should not be joined in matrimony? Jackson leaves it to the observer to draw his own conclusions and to paint his own story.

Michael Jackson is constantly seeking new and exciting themes for his paintings, this allows him to paint his subjects in a captivating and picturesque way. Jackson is not politically motivated in this endeavour but inevitably the narrative will often dictate a point of view which differs from his own. Jackson’s paintings tell stories (and stories within stories). If the observer can find his own story then Jackson feels he has done his job well.

Each print is hand numbered and accompanied by a certificate signed by the artist. The certificate is numbered to match the print.

About the Artist

Michael Jackson

Born in 1961 in Preston, Lancashire, Michael Jackson has been interested in wildlife, drawing and painting since early childhood. After leaving the school he studied illustration for 4 years at Blackpool College of Art.

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