Paolo Uccello, St. George and the Dragon

Andy Warhol

TitlePaolo Uccello, St. George and the Dragon
ArtistAndy Warhol
Paper Size (W x H)81.4 x 111.9 cm

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Andy Warhol's portfolio entitled "Details in Renaissance Paintings" include several paintings, a famous one being Paolo Uccello's St. George and the Dragon, dating from around 1470. Andy Warhol re-created Uccello's paintings of St. George and the Dragon, by transforming it into a work of pop art.

Executed in 1984, Details of Renaissance Paintings shows paint handling and a colour palette that is representative to the painters at that period of time. The current lot boasts Warhol’s signature medium of the silkscreen, while also presenting a painterly hand in the suggestion of brushwork.

The painting on wood by Paolo Uccello represents Saint George running the dragon through with his lance, as it prepares to devour the king’s daughter. This combat is an important episode in the legend of Saint George.


About the Artist

Andy Warhol

Born to Slovakian immigrants in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Andy Warhol’s career as the foremost proponent of Pop Art began during his days as a commercial artist for newspapers and magazines.

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