Arabian Leopard

Spencer Hodge

TitleArabian Leopard
ArtistSpencer Hodge
Paper Size (W x H)33 x 24 ins
Edition Size550
Price £85.00 Excluding VAT

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The Arabian Leopard is smaller and lighter than its African counterpart and lives in the mountain ranges between the Negev Desert in Northern Arabia down through Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Oman. A nocturnal and very secretive animal, the Arabian Leopard is one of the world's most endangered species and less than 100 individuals are believed to survive in the wild in the whole of Arabia. Published to raise money for The Arabian Leopard Trust, this limited edition of Spencer Hodge is a powerful and striking tour de force.

Each print is hand signed by the artist and hand numbered.

About the Artist

Spencer Hodge

Spencer Hodge was born in 1943, and attended the Hastings School of Art and Royal West of England Academy. After a formal and academic art training he spent six years illustrating books and teaching material for the Medical Research Council.

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