Boris Godounov

Valentino Monticello

TitleBoris Godounov
ArtistValentino Monticello
Paper Size (W x H)24 x 19 ins
Edition Size195
Price £240.00 Excluding VAT

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This stunning work of art by Valentino Monticello, Boris Godounov, is produced, in accordance with the artist’s customary technique. He was cutting and shaping only the labels taken from bottles of fine wine in order to create the collage. All the wines used here emanate from Russian, so as to add to the atmosphere of the scene.

Boris Godunov is an opera by Russian composer Modest Mussorgsky. It was composed between 1868 and 1873 and is Mussorgsky's only completed opera,considered to be his masterpiece. Its subject is the historical Russian ruler Boris Godunov. He reigned as Tsar during the early phase of the Russian political upheaval that occurred between 1598 and 1613. The libretto was written by the composer, and is based on Boris Godunov by Aleksandr Pushkin. Mussorgsky's opera exists in different versions. He made two, while Rimsky-Korsakov added two more. The opera was re-orchestrated by Shostakovich in 1959.

The story takes place between 1598 and 1605 in Russia and Poland. Boris Godunov, the regent of the young Tsar Fyodor, has arranged the assasination of the Tsar's half-brother and heir Dimitrii, in order to seize power. When the Tsar himself dies Boris pretends to decline the crown, but his agents incite the Muscovite crowd to acclaim him as the new Tsar. Though racked with guilt, Boris is crowned. In the monastery of Chudov an old monk Pimen is writing a chronicle of Russia. He tells his novice Grigorii of the history surrounding Boris, and Grigorii resolves to avenge the murdered Dimitrii. In Poland, Grigorii's lover Marina dreams of becoming tsarina and her Jesuit confessor Rangoni exhorts her to support the Catholic cause. Marina joins Grigorii in a moonlit rendezvous and she drives him forward with his ambitions. The story moves forward and weaves personal emotional drama into the sweep of great historical events.

The print is hand numbered and accompanied by a certificate signed by the Master Printer and bearing a matching number to the print.

About the Artist

Valentino Monticello

Valentino Monticello has three passions: wine, opera, and art. An exceptional talent, Monticello cuts and shapes his favourite wine labels into unique artworks.

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