Francesca Da Rimini

Valentino Monticello

TitleFrancesca Da Rimini
ArtistValentino Monticello
Paper Size (W x H)21 x 19 ins
Edition Size195
Price £240.00

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This stunning work of art by Valentino Monticello, Francesca Da Rimini, is produced, in accordance with the artist’s customary technique. He was cutting and shaping only the labels taken from bottles of fine wine in order to create the collage. All the wines used here emanate from Italy, so as to add to the atmosphere of the scene.

Francesca da Rimini is an opera in four acts composed by Riccardo Zandonai. Its libretto is by Tito Ricordi and is based on a play by Gabriele d'Annunzio. It premiered in Turin in 1914 and is still staged occasionally. Francesca da Rimini is Zandonai's best-known work.

The opera tells the story of Francesca da Rimini, a noblewoman tricked into marrying into a powerful Italian family. Francesca agrees to wed one of the Malatesta brothers, wrongly believing it is the handsome Paolo who is her suitor. Instead, she marries Gianciotto, the malformed son of Malatesta de Verrucchio. She continues to live with her husband until the reappearance of Paolo. Temptation ensues, followed by the malice and jealousy of the third brother, Malatestino. The romantic tale ends tragically.

The print is hand numbered and accompanied by a certificate signed by the Master Printer and bearing a matching number to the print.

About the Artist

Valentino Monticello

Valentino Monticello has three passions: wine, opera, and art. An exceptional talent, Monticello cuts and shapes his favourite wine labels into unique artworks.

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