Mervyn Goode


Mervyn Goode was born in England in 1948. He studied Landscape Architecture at The Gloucestershire College of Art, but bravely eschewed this career at the age of twenty-one to pursue his true vocation as a painter. His first one-man exhibition at the Highton Gallery in London in 1970 was a “sell-out”, and stimulated considerable interest from collectors and critics around the world.

Since that time, Mervyn Goode’s career has flourished and he has devoted himself exclusively to landscape painting, finding constant inspiration from walking in the countryside near his home. He is an artist who observes the landscape from an intimate viewpoint, rather than seeking out ‘the obvious’. While admitting to the early influence of the great traditional landscape artists, such as Constable, and more latterly to that of the French Impressionists, Mervyn Goode likes to feel that he has developed a style of painting while evolving over the years, remains recognizably his own.

In recent years, Mervyn Goode has acquired a 16th-century cottage in the village of Slapton, in the South Hams area of Devonshire. This second home has enabled him to broaden his subject matter, and experiment further with his style of painting so that collectors are now able to share his love of the rich South Hams landscape, the wildness of Dartmoor and the coastline lying between Dartmouth and Salcombe.

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