Built for Speed

Dick van Heerde

TitleBuilt for Speed
ArtistDick van Heerde
Paper Size (W x H)35 x 22 ins
Edition Size500
Price £140.00 Excluding VAT

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Dick van Heerde's latest striking limited edition is a tribute to the world's fastest land mammal and is the result of the artist's most recent visit to the reserves of East Africa in search of the big cats which have inspired him since his youth. Built for Speed was painted after a memorable and very rare encounter with a cheetah and her three cubs in the Mara, in Kenya. When he first saw them, after several days of searching, Dick van Heerde was able to approach so carefully that the cheetahs did not retreat and he was able to observe and sketch the family group for well over an hour.

Each print is hand signed by the artist and hand numbered.

About the Artist

Dick van Heerde

Born in Venlo, in The Netherlands, in 1954, Dick Van Heerde began painting in oil on canvas at the age of ten. After school, he began to learn the art of restoring paintings dating from the seventeenth century. He completed his apprenticeship in three and a half years, after which he worked for several years as a self-employed restorer of paintings.

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